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Winkworth franchisees offer advice to potential franchisees

Winkworth’s new franchising team carry out a standard application process and due diligence checks on all potential franchisees, but they also think it’s important for these individuals to meet key heads of departments within the franchisor office and introduce them to current Winkworth franchisees.


“I believe that introducing new potential franchisees to current Winkworth franchisees is a vital part of the on-boarding process,” explains new franchising manager, James Campbell. “Although I can explain how the brand operates and the support that the offices receive and benefit from, our Winkworth franchisees can offer an honest insight into what it’s really like to be an active franchisee in the network.”

Below, a few Winkworth franchisees, who have been with the network for a variety of years in different locations throughout the UK, offer their advice and tips to potential franchisees interested in owning a Winkworth office.


Sean Doyle bought the existing Winkworth New Cross office in August 2017, signed franchise agreements for a Winkworth office in Portugal in September 2018 and is now getting ready to open a new Winkworth office in south east London.

“Ensure you carry out extensive market research on the area you are looking to take over. The current market conditions are new to everyone and it’s very easy to look at a market and base your figures on a percentage of share when it’s not that easy at all. There’s a lot of loyalty when it comes to property sales and it’s very hard to convince vendors to change agents. The first year of trading will be tough and the hours will be long, but the rewards are there to be seen! It’s imperative to use the franchisor support available and resources they have to hand. We are an evolving industry and its clear to see the agents leaving the market are the ones who are not willing to embrace change and move forward with the technological advances in the industry.” - Sean Doyle


Ajay Bathija converted his independent agency in Kingsbury that had been trading for 25 years, to a Winkworth office in July 2017.

“My advice to an independent looking to convert is very simple, do it! Converting to Winkworth was one of my best business decisions. From having three or four sales instructions as an independent, to now having just over 20 at any one time is incredible and makes such a difference. The staff and I feel great about the change as it’s given us all the lift we needed, and I do feel that this time next year we could be the leading agent in our area.

You don’t realise the power of the network until you’re in it – once you’re in it, you’ll love it.” - Ajay Bathija


Claire Wells opened Winkworth Romsey in May 2010 after being in the industry working for other people for 10 years.

"Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing, except maybe having a tad more faith in myself sometimes. Looking forward, we're perhaps talking about a second office or growing our land and new homes section. I think you should be tenacious and open-minded about your goals, voice what you want, and apply for positions even if you think they may be beyond your remit." – Claire Wells


Calum Mason started his career working for Winkworth Dulwich as a negotiator before opening the Winkworth Crystal Palace office in 2008.

“Having started my estate agency career with Winkworth, I have an enormous loyalty to the brand and a franchise seemed to be the best of both worlds – having your own business coupled with the safety net of a big-name brand behind you. My advice to any potential franchisees interested in owning a Winkworth office is don’t just have a passion for property – you must also have a passion for people.  Choose your area well, know it well, and service it well.” – Calum Mason


Charles Peerless joined the Winkworth network in September 1993 and is now franchisee of Winkworth PaddingtonMarylebone & MayfairWest End and Clerkenwell.

“I chose to start and continue to grow my businesses with Winkworth as I benefit from the instant credibility and brand recognition that comes with the established name. The franchising route holds a lower risk level than starting on your own, however it’s important to do detailed homework on the reputation and experience of the franchise you choose to join. The support that Winkworth offer, coupled with the vast experience of the franchisees in the network is what makes the business a success, and for this reason I would only recommend Winkworth compared to other estate agency franchised operations.” – Charles Peerless

If you are interested in owning your own Winkworth office and want to learn more about doing so from Winkworth’s current franchisees, get in touch with our new franchising team today.

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