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The Winkworth network

Although each Winkworth office is independently owned and operated, together they form part of a larger, joined up network of 100 offices, united by the same name above the door.


With 58 offices in London and 42 outside the M25, upon joining the network each individual Winkworth office immediately becomes part of something bigger. Every franchisee runs their office slightly differently but operate under the same banner, brand and guidelines to help keep them safe, compliant and trading to the highest of standards.

Having started in London, the expansion of the Winkworth network into the country over the last 40 years has provided opportunities for franchisees outside of the capital to utilise the strong London to country link that the brand provides. With over 100,000 people migrating out of the capital every year in search of more space and better value properties, the offices refer these movers between themselves, creating a more joined up network and increased revenue opportunities for each other.

It’s important for Winkworth’s head office that the franchisees have a voice within the network and regular meetings, forums and working groups are held every year to allow them this opportunity. The Franchisee Liaison Forum is a quarterly meeting made up of rotated representatives from each region where discussions are held on various matters including driving the network forward as a whole and ideas to increase revenue. Each new development that is introduced and rolled out across the network has also first been tested on groups of franchisees and in different offices, whether that be new software, CRM systems, e-learning portals or paperwork, to ensure the people at the forefront of the network - the franchisees and their staff, are happy. 

As well as compulsory CPD and franchisee only training days, the franchisees across the network get the chance to catch up with each other at many other organised events including the Winkworth golf day, the shoot day, various charity events and Christmas parties. All of which provide a strong camaraderie across the group. 

As a network, the offices benefit from a group-wide national advertising fund which pays for joined up initiatives, ranging from digital campaigns, to outdoor advertising in London such as black cabs, buses and tube adverts, to radio jingles and sponsorship of largely attended events in the country. Every office in the Winkworth network benefits from economies of scale that come with these, helping to keep running costs down and profit margins higher. Head office also negotiate deals with the portals, printing suppliers and third-party digital advertising platforms on the office’s behalf, adding another advantage.

Finally, Winkworth was set up as a family business and remains largely a family network to this day. Non-executive chairman Simon Agace still holds a majority 52% shareholding in Winkworth, and his son Dominic sits at the helm of the company as CEO. The family model is reflected across the Winkworth network with almost a quarter of the offices owned by husband and wife teams, siblings and parents and their children.

If you would like to learn more about how to join the Winkworth network and the opportunities that are on offer, get in contact with the new franchising team today.

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