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Have you got what it takes to be a Winkworth franchisee?

If you're considering making the investment into franchising, it's important to understand what it means to be a franchisee. Below we hear from Winkworth's new franchising manager, James Campbell, as he explains what it takes to be a Winkworth franchisee.


“I speak to lots of potential franchisee applicants weekly, and whilst I have a lot of encouraging conversations, I also have to tell some people that for various reasons I either don’t think they’re ready to join the Winkworth network or they simply don’t fit the brand,” James explains.

“Winkworth’s new franchising policy has always been to grow sustainably, as we really look for certain individuals to open in key areas for us. My ideal applicant is someone that has worked in an area for several years as an agent, really knows their market and Winkworth want to open there and have the territory available."

“If we do have a territory available, I need to know that the potential franchisee looking to open in that area is in it for the right reasons. Owning a Winkworth office is a long-term investment, as our contracts run for ten years, so I look for people who are in it for the long run and not to simply make a ‘quick buck’ and then move on.

“Although there is huge potential out there for the right candidate to do well, the property market remains tough, so I really look for confident, experienced and motivated individuals to join the network.

“Good leadership skills are also a vital characteristic that I look for in potential franchisees. The staff in the offices are key to that office’s success, and it’s important that franchisees can motivate their staff, offer guidance and lead by example.

“Franchising is a fantastic platform for franchisees to grow their personal network of offices. Over the years, we’ve helped Winkworth franchisees open second or third offices, supported them in buying portfolios to plug into their existing businesses, and purchase neighbouring offices. I admire the ambition of these franchisees, and this is also a quality I look for in new applicants.

“It’s important to note that franchising isn’t for everyone. Entrepreneurs who like to make all the decisions in their business may struggle to conform with the franchise model.  Although all the Winkworth offices are independently owned and run, they must comply with certain standard practices that Winkworth expect of them. These standards are not supposed to be restricting to the business operations, but are instead designed to protect the franchisee, the brand, and ensure some sort of uniformity across the 100 offices.

“So, if you’re ambitious, experienced, can take direction and looking to own a Winkworth office for the foreseeable future, get in contact today to see what opportunities we have available.”

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