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From shooting to geocaching, Lucy Higginson, the former editor of Horse & Hound magazine, revels in the many ways to enjoy the season outdoors in the latest edition of the Winkworth Country Life special.   Summer? It’s overrated. Honestly.The ground is too firm for cantering, the dogs are beside themselves searching for shade after every walk, you’re barely allowed… Continue Reading ›

Winter in the country

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The property market has rarely been out of the news over the past few months with stories about the booming market, particularly in London. So it’s little surprise that the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown the average cost of a UK home increased by 1.6% in the month of July… Continue Reading ›

Average home in Britain now £272,000

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Addresses The Liberal Democrat Party Conference

At the Liberal Democrat party conference this weekend, leader Nick Clegg announced they would be abandoning their previous proposal of a mansion tax for properties over £2million and would instead focus on introducing more council tax bands. The new policy would look to expand the bands beyond Band H, currently the highest council tax band,… Continue Reading ›

Liberal Democrats plan to expand council tax bands

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Courtney Adamo, mother of four, is the founder of the stylish family lifestyle website and shopping portal, Babyccino Kids ( Four years ago she and her husband bought a run down Victorian house on Highgate Hill and set about making it into the ideal family home.   Winkworth asked her a few questions about her… Continue Reading ›

A home with a new lease of life

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The Labour Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference

At the Labour Party Conference today, Ed Miliband announced plans to use a mansion tax to increase funds for the NHS, in what he hopes to be an attractive idea for voters at next year’s general election. The proposed tax on homes will apply to those over £2million and will be an annual charge that… Continue Reading ›

Labour propose Mansion Tax

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Get the price you want and the service you deserve.     GETTING READY TO SELL The time has come to move on to your next home. Whatever your reason for selling, it’s critical that you get it right so that you’re in a good position to move forward.     As a seller, you’ll… Continue Reading ›

Five steps to sales success

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