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Winkworth in the community

At Winkworth, we are one of the few franchised estate agencies who don’t own any of the offices trading under our name. All of our offices are independently owned and operated and we take pride in the people who invest, run and work in these offices throughout the UK and beyond. Continue Reading

Dry January

It’s the start of the New Year and normally the property market picks up at this time with transaction levels increasing as we move into spring. This year the trend may turn out to be a little different, as a result of Brexit and the rise in Stamp Duty in 2016. Continue Reading

Reading – the story so far

Friends Jon Hallett, Michael Foldvari and James Hathaway opened the Winkworth Reading office in October 2014 and have gone from strength to strength ever since... Continue Reading

Christmas bonuses and gifts

It’s always nice to be able to award Christmas bonuses and/or gifts to your staff during the festive period... Continue Reading

Seasonal considerations in the market

With any business it’s important to consider market trends and seasonal changes. Estate agency is no different... Continue Reading

6 ways to make sure your employees are happy

In any business hiring the right employees is key to success, growth and profitability. Your employees will be your greatest asset, so it‘s important to make sure they are content, both in their environment and in their position. Continue Reading

'Cold Start' - a new Winkworth office

The Winkworth brand is strong and we are proud to be representing it. It is a huge thrill for me, after only a few years in business on my own, to be pitching for houses against other top national agents and more importantly, winning those instructions. I know that I could never have achieved this in this time frame had I gone out under my... Continue Reading

Top 5 reasons why franchises fail and how to avoid them

Five factors that can contribute to the failure of a franchise, and five ways Winkworth can help in combating these... Continue Reading

The importance of correct legal advice

When undertaking a big investment you need to make sure you have the correct legal advice and support in place before you start... Continue Reading

Winkworth mini-guide to franchising documents

No business undertaking is without its red tape, and franchising is no exception. This mini-guide to key documentation should help make it a bit clearer for anyone who is interested in starting a franchise. Continue Reading

Why franchising works for me

Chris Collinge opened a Winkworth office in Sway, Hampshire, in 2015, and is now planning to buy a second one in the same area. He explains why he chose the franchise route Continue Reading

How to start a franchise in ten easy steps

Starting a franchise can be both exhilarating and daunting: a great big adventure, but break it down into a step-by-step process, approach the challenge calmly and logically, and the uncertainties loom less large. Continue Reading