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Lights, camera, action: Homes for sale in famous movie locations

Great films rely on the perfect location to bring the fantasy to life. Perfect properties can make a happy ending, too. Continue Reading

IMPORTANT: New rules regarding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors start today

The House of Lords finally passed the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations which means that landlords now need to ensure that each floor of a rental property has a working smoke alarm and that living spaces with solid fuel appliances have carbon monoxide alarms fitted. Continue Reading

18 ways to make a profit in property

There are many ways to make a house pay for itself, or at least boost your income. Savvy homeowners can maximise their investment, but there are pitfalls that need to be avoided. Be smart, take a long-term view and you could be sitting pretty in a few years. Here we pick the best ways to make a profit from bricks and mortar. Continue Reading

Is there a right way to view a house?

Follow our ten step-guide to viewing a property to maximise your chances of snapping up that perfect home. Continue Reading

For sale: homes near Britain’s top schools

If your children’s educational requirements determines where you will live, here are 20 classy properties that will suit the whole family. Some are state, others are independent schools, but they are all dotted around the country. Continue Reading

Your lettings check list - from check in to check out.

Anyone tempted to dip their toes into the buy-to-let sector, has probably been even more inclined to do so this summer than for years. Even after the cut in mortgage interest relief on buy-to-let homes announced in the Budget, the financial equation looks enticing. House prices continue to rise. Interest rates remain at an all-time low. Inflation has fallen from 0.1 per cent to 0... Continue Reading

What will happen to the property market if Britain left the EU?

Crystal-ball gazing is an uncertain art, but what will happen if Britain decides to make a speedy EU exit? With the recent problems with Greece and the EU, thoughts are inevitably turning to Britain's own position. If it did vote to leave the EU in the forthcoming in-out referendum, what might be the consequences for the British housing market? Continue Reading

Best cities to live in outside London

It's not all about London. Big or small, our great cities all have their own history, unique attractions, identities and stories to tell. Here we pick 10 cities to live in outside the Big Smoke. Continue Reading

Are you getting the most from your rental investment?

Are you getting the most from your rental investment? Are you achieving the best return on your rental? When was the last time you had a rental review? More importantly, when did you invest some of your return back into your property? Now isn't the time to be complacent about your rental. It's competitive out there. There are loads of properties of a high standard... Continue Reading

Top 10 tiny homes for sale

Our pick of the smallest homes around the UK from a Dutch Barge and thatched cottages, to properties with potential. The best things come in small packages. Compact, bijou, cosy, easily managed homes. Here we have 10 of our littlest properties on the market, but they are perfectly formed. Continue Reading

QUIZ: How well do you know the royal palaces?

The general election may be hogging the news, but for Royalists, only one event matters this spring – the impending birth of William’s and Kate’s second child. How well do you know the royal palaces' Take our quiz to find out. // Continue Reading

Top 10 dream homes to rent

In the ripe and heady days of summer, find your heart’s desire with a home to rent in some of Britain’s best hot spots Renting a property gives you the chance to live in a dream home without a huge commitment. It also presents an opportunity to get to know the local area, the shops and importantly the neighbours. Here are ten flats and houses... Continue Reading