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The art of decorating your home

There are many agonising hours spent choosing wall colours, deciding on which flooring would be best, where the furniture should go all to create the right look, feel, ambiance of a room. And all of this is important but there’s something that can really bring a room to life – art. Continue Reading

Winkworth expects an improved housing market in 2016

Despite the unexpectedly clear-cut election outcome in May, the anticipated bounce in the housing market has been late to materialise in 2015, with the sales market being particularly slow in prime central London. We believe, however, that while concerns around the General Election limited transactions, particularly at the upper end of the market, a large part of the slowdown can be attributed to the stamp... Continue Reading

If these walls could talk: top 10 converted homes for sale

From chateaux to churches and oast houses to farmhouses, we have picked the best historic properties for sale converted into amazing homes. Continue Reading

How do you spot an up-and-coming area?

How to pick the next investment hot spot from builders’ skips to good schools. Everyone is excited by the prospect of moving to an area that, in five years, will be the height of chic. But how do you do it? What are the indicators that will mean your one step ahead of the crowd? Continue Reading

Buy-to-let Survey

We are keen to understand what is driving that growth and have commissioned Dataloft, a specialist property research consultancy, to analyse the buy to let market. As part of that research they have asked us to survey our landlord community to explore investment trends. If you are a landlord, we would be really grateful if you would take a couple of minutes to complete this... Continue Reading

Liquid assets

Investing in fine wine can be a rewarding experience if you take some precautions to avoid common pitfalls, says Amy Wislocki Continue Reading

Lights, camera, action: Homes for sale in famous movie locations

Great films rely on the perfect location to bring the fantasy to life. Perfect properties can make a happy ending, too. Continue Reading

IMPORTANT: New rules regarding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors start today

The House of Lords finally passed the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations which means that landlords now need to ensure that each floor of a rental property has a working smoke alarm and that living spaces with solid fuel appliances have carbon monoxide alarms fitted. Continue Reading

18 ways to make a profit in property

There are many ways to make a house pay for itself, or at least boost your income. Savvy homeowners can maximise their investment, but there are pitfalls that need to be avoided. Be smart, take a long-term view and you could be sitting pretty in a few years. Here we pick the best ways to make a profit from bricks and mortar. Continue Reading

Is there a right way to view a house?

Follow our ten step-guide to viewing a property to maximise your chances of snapping up that perfect home. Continue Reading

For sale: homes near Britain’s top schools

If your children’s educational requirements determines where you will live, here are 20 classy properties that will suit the whole family. Some are state, others are independent schools, but they are all dotted around the country. Continue Reading

Your lettings check list - from check in to check out.

Anyone tempted to dip their toes into the buy-to-let sector, has probably been even more inclined to do so this summer than for years. Even after the cut in mortgage interest relief on buy-to-let homes announced in the Budget, the financial equation looks enticing. House prices continue to rise. Interest rates remain at an all-time low. Inflation has fallen from 0.1 per cent to 0... Continue Reading