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Top 10 Christmas decoration ideas

How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Yuletide decorations on the mantelpiece? Large, overflowing stockings cascading through the banisters? Or a garland draped over the fireplace? Surely, it’s a combination of all these elements: decorations that make you smile with their warmth, inventiveness and elegance.

Here are 10 ideas if your property is on the market, or you are simply looking for some extra festive inspiration for the perfect Christmas at home.

  1. A Christmas tree is more or less obligatory, so make it the centrepiece of your home and decorate it with love and care. Make sure that the tree is visible from the street, if possible. Brightly lit trees can light up a whole neighbourhood and set the right tone during viewings.
  2. Colour combinations. Red and lime-green, blue and green, cool white, red and gold or multi-coloured? There is no shortage of colours to choose from, but which is best? Ultimately, it comes down to hues that fit your interior and personal taste.
  3. Add a simple but elegant wreath on the front door. Or try something a bit left-field, such as flaming red chilli peppers, candy canes or colourful felt balls. Wreaths give the right impression and add instant kerb appeal to a home.
  4. You can never have too many candles during the festive season. Diptyque and Jo Malone stock a wide selection of scented candles to add Christmas spirit. Where should you display them? The mantelpiece, hallways or in the bathroom. Just remember safety first.
  5. Even though fewer people send Christmas cards these days, the displaying of cards on mantelpieces remains an intrinsic part of the traditional English Christmas. A generous garland on the mantelpiece adds a touch of luxury, too.
  6. Given that a white Christmas in this country is probably unlikely, decorative features redolent of white Christmases in other parts of the world – perhaps a small, Scandinavian style birch tree – can heighten the sense of a winter wonderland.
  7. Think quirky. Brussels sprouts baubles, terracotta elves hiding in the shrubbery, subtle fairy lights strung around the dining table. Anything fun and idiosyncratic is usually appreciated.
  8. There is a lot to be said for decorations that are also edible – ginger biscuits, chocolate reindeer, etc. But they are not advisable if you have a dog/uncle who sniffs out the most delicious treats.
  9. Christmas should be about reaching out to people, not showing off or keeping up with the Joneses. Home-made Christmas decorations made by children are always endearing. Personalised decorations and ornaments bearing your name, can liven up a tree.
  10. But surely the ultimate Christmas decoration is a roaring log fire or a log-burning stove. They are inviting, elemental and welcoming to everyone this festive season.

The only thing that really matters is enjoying the whole process: getting down favourite old Christmas ornaments from the attic and adding one or two more for the whole family to enjoy.

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