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Meet Winkworth Franchising’s Marketing team

Winkworth have a dedicated in-house marketing and PR department who not only manage all aspects of the marketing of the brand for the network of circa 100 offices, but also help with the on-boarding process for all new Winkworth franchisees joining the network.


The current team have been with Winkworth for a combined 18 years, so really know how best to ensure the brand is promoted effectively whilst simultaneously supporting all the offices’ marketing needs. Although the team have specific roles, often their work overlaps and they work together to provide the offices with all kinds of daily marketing tools such as bespoke website pages, content, canvassing and social media. They also work on larger scale projects throughout the year such as managing national advertising campaigns, digital campaigns on a local office level and the digital evolution of the brand as a whole.

Alec Yeoman – Graphic Designer

Alec is Winkworth’s in-house graphic designer and not only creates the general sales and lettings flyers and canvassing material for the offices to use, but he also designs bespoke seasonal flyers and artwork for individual offices through the Winkworth design request system. “In 2018 we completed over 500 individual artwork requests, compared to 300 in 2017,” he comments. Along with James Peacock, Winkworth’s head of brand, Alec will work with all the new franchisees joining the network to design personalised advertising campaigns to promote their office openings.

All the Winkworth offices have individual login access to ‘The Knowledge Hub’. This is a portal where all the marketing materials available to use are stored, including flyers, window cards, individual letterheads and stationery.

Bethany Sherlock – Marketing Manager

Not only does marketing manager Bethany oversee the management of Winkworth’s marketing in general, she also works on content creation and the Winkworth blog which sits on the Winkworth website. This content is there for both SEO reasons and for all the Winkworth offices to use on their individual social media accounts. In August 2017, Bethany created and launched ‘The Winkworth Magazine’ (The WM) which includes content such as news, market analysis, property focussed features, area guides and property that Winkworth are marketing. The WM is produced twice a year for the offices to use for canvassing and as an ‘instruction winner’ as well as promotion of the brand. Bethany manages the bespoke creation of two versions bi-annually, one for the Winkworth country offices, and one for the London offices. “We are now in the middle of producing our fourth edition of The WM as the last three not only looked fantastic but went down really well with the offices” comments Bethany.

Isabelle Thompson – PR Executive

Winkworth’s PR executive Isabelle fields all press enquiries with the offices and ensures that the brand features positively and regularly not only in industry press such as Property Industry Eye and The Negotiator, but also in national publications like the Financial Times and The Guardian. Upon joining Winkworth as a new franchisee, Isabelle will work with you to determine which local publications you wish to advertise in, and ensure your office is featured predominantly and effectively for maximum publicity.

Isabelle writes the internal Winkworth newsletter which goes out to the offices quarterly, which includes latest compliance updates, upcoming academy courses and head office news, Winkworth community news and social days for the staff calendars, such as the annual Winkworth golf day, clay pigeon shoot day and charity events. Isabelle also creates the Winkworth Central London Market Update for the offices and press to use on a regular basis throughout the year.

James Peacock – Head of Brand

Head of brand James Peacock not only manages the marketing and PR department but is also in charge of digital advertising for the brand. “Our core vision for the last 18 months was to increase Winkworth’s brand awareness. We worked to achieve this digitally by driving traffic to the website and improving our conversion rates through investment in multi-channel advertising and website optimisation,” comments James.

The Winkworth website now attracts an average of 346,000 visitors a month, a 42.6% increase in traffic since 2017 due to several different digital investments that the company made.  A London focussed Pay Per Click campaign generated just under 2,000 leads in 3 months whilst a national Facebook advertising campaign through Adfenix, increased traffic to Winkworth’s property pages by 1,000%.

As head of brand, James oversees all the fit-outs of the new Winkworth offices to ensure they are of the right specification, and guarantees the incoming franchisees are set up with access to all the digital campaigns so that they can benefit from this advertising from day one.

The marketing and PR department work tirelessly to ensure that every Winkworth office has all the tools they need to promote themselves, the brand, and their properties to the best of their abilities, taking away the daily stress from the franchisees. The department is an integral part of Winkworth franchising, and the sheer amount of marketing produced and available to the offices, combined with the level of dedication to developing the digital offering, is something that independent agencies simply cannot achieve.

If you would like to learn more about owning your own Winkworth office and the support you would benefit from upon doing so, get in touch with the new franchising department today.

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